People Living with HIV are now getting Life Insurance

People Living with HIV are now getting Life Insurance

Kathmandu : National Association of People Living with HIV and AIDS in Nepal (NAP+N) has signed the contract to start the Life Insurance of People living with HIV (PLHIV) with Prime Life Insurance Limited. Earlier, PLHIVs were not able to get Life insurance due to myths and misconceptions about HIV and AIDS. PLHIV told that they were discriminated in life insurance scheme and this dream came true due to the support of Country Program Manager of AHF Nepal Mr. Deepak Dhungel and Nepal Government, RUNVAN and other stakeholders of HIV sector, said President of NAP+N.

After the agreement with NAP+N, Prime Life Insurance Company has provided equal opportunity for life insurance to all PLHIVs as their interest amount. The agreement has been signed by President of NAP+N, Mr. Rajesh Didiya and CEO of Prime Life Insurance Company, Mr. Manoj Kumar Bhattarai.

President of NAP+N Mr. Didiya, said that such agreement is the most precious achievement in the history Nepal’s HIV/AIDS sector. He further emphasized on the success of science where every PLHIV can live their whole life normally like other non-HIV infected people.