Relief distribution to HIV infected children


Food and nutrition have been distributed to 12 HIV positive children under the age of 12 in Bhaktapur for two months as relief. The National Federation of HIV and AIDS Nepal has provided relief.
The federation has provided eight kg of rice, one kg of pulses, one kg of nuts, 10 eggs, one kg of wheat flour, one kg of sugar, one kg of salt, two liters of milk, one kg of fruits and one liter of cooking oil to each child per month.
According to the Bhaktapur-based Community Treatment and Rehabilitation Center, a member of the federation, relief has been distributed to the children who are taking life-giving antiretroviral drugs. Umesh Khadka, chairman of the organization, said that relief was distributed to the HIV-infected children by reaching their homes. He said relief was distributed for the first month of the first phase. He said relief would be provided for the rest of next month

It is said that the initiative itself has prepared a relief package for each infected child. The infected children have said that they have been greatly relieved by the relief provided by the federation. He said that the relief available to his parents was a great relief for the whole family.
HIV-infected people should not take ARV drugs alone. According to the medicine, you should also eat suitable nutritious food. Lack of nutritious food increases the risk of HIV infection in infected people and affects their health. On the other hand, NAP+N President Rajesh Didiya clarified that relief has been provided to the HIV positive children as they are at high risk of coronavirus infection.