Demand on Decriminalization of Drug user in nepal


Rajesh Didiya
Kathmandu. Stakeholders have stated that the number of drug users in Nepal is increasing every year. According to a press conference organized by Recovering Nepal, the number of drug users in Nepal is increasing every year.
According to the statistics of the Ministry of Home Affairs for the year 2076, there were a total of 130,424 drug users in Nepal, including 121,692 men and 8,732 women.
“The constitution, which is the basic law of the country, has been changed many times, but the drug policy has not changed much,” he said. The effect of which is still seen. At the interaction program of Recovering Nepal, where the number of drug users is increasing, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the organization Bishnu Sharma added, “If the constitution can be changed, why delay in amending the drug law?” Why is the state not paying attention to this even though it is clear that some provisions of the Drug Control Act 2033 have a negative impact? ‘
He said that despite the process of amending the unresolved laws, some urgent arrangements have not been changed. “The bill has been drafted for the last time as well, but it is stuck in the drug branch of the home ministry,” he said. It is a matter of real concern that the government is changing from time to time and the law is not being amended, ‘he added.
Advocate Rup Narayan Shrestha said that the rules of the law have not been made yet.
He said that despite the good laws and policies of Nepal, the implementation was very weak.
Presenting The Global Drug Policy Index, he said that Nepal got only 40 points out of 100.
Recovering Nepal said that out of the total 24,679 prisoners across the country, 21 percent or about 5,000 are drug users. .
“Drug users have been diagnosed with the disease by the World Health Organization,” he said. Drug users should be sent to correctional facilities, not jails. But in our country, even if someone is found to have used a small amount of drugs unknowingly, he is imprisoned for at least 3 months. This exacerbates the problem. Imprisoning drug users will not solve the problem. ‘
Advocate Shrestha also accused that even though the law of Nepal is good, the implementation side is weak.