Money found, source is not found


Kathmandu: Hiroshi Khanal, the manager of a clothing store at Durbar Marg, was arrested on December 3 with an undisclosed amount of Rs 6.9 million. A team from the Metropolitan Police Circle, Darwar Marg, arrested him.

Amar Narayan Das was arrested from Kalimati on November 10 along with Rs. 16 lakh 20 thousand 900. A 25-year-old slave of Saptari Malepur village municipality could not reveal any official source as to whose money it was. Preliminary investigations by the police have not revealed any of his trade, business or income.

A team from the Metropolitan Crime Branch’s Min Bhawan arrested him on Friday along with cash. According to the Crime Branch, he has been sent to the Revenue Investigation Department, Pulchowk for further investigation and necessary action.

Chitra Bahadur was re-arrested from Bhaktapur Lokanthali on the night of October 19 with Rs. Pun, a resident of Baglung Galkot and currently residing in Koteshwor, was taken under control by the police from near Manhara Eye Hospital along with a scooter (Ba 49 Pa 8565) and Rs 3 million in cash. A search of his room turned up an additional लाख 5 million. He has been sent to the Asset Laundering Department for necessary action.
Similarly, three persons were arrested on September 3, including an undisclosed source of 1.5 million rupees being smuggled from India to Nepal. Among the arrested are Bikram Patel, Mukesh Patel and Baliram Patel.

District Police Office, Parsa arrested a man with Rs. Police had arrested 43-year-old Mohammad Asif Ansari on his way to Birgunj from India. While inspecting the motorcycle (No. 25 Pa 8762), police found the money hidden inside his helmet.

Two persons were arrested from West Nawalparasi on July 3 along with Indian and Nepali rupees. Police had arrested them in Bardaghat Municipality along with Rs 3.29 million. They could not disclose the source of the amount. Police had arrested Samir Khan, 27, of Bharat Marchwar and Yogendra Yadav, 35, of West Nawalparasi. Police had recovered 900,000 Indian rupees and the remaining 1.85 million Nepali rupees from them.

On July 26, Jhapa police recovered more than Rs 4 million without disclosing the source. Gauri Mandal, 50, of Jhapa Gaonpalika-2 was arrested by the police with a large sum of money. Police have recovered Rs 4 million 37 thousand 670 from him.

Police also arrested two persons with Rs. 3 million 76 thousand in Rautahat on June 10. Banti Kumar Kalwar, 22, and Suraj Kalwar, 20, of Motihari, India were arrested during the check. He was coming to Nepal on a motorcycle (BR 05 R 4521) with Rs 3 million 76 thousand in his bag.

These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. Lately, the police in Nepal has been recovering a large amount of undisclosed funds. Most of the undisclosed funds have been recovered from districts and ports bordering India. Lately, such funds have been found in abundance even in Kathmandu.

According to the statistics of the Police Headquarters, Rs. Kathmandu Metropolitan Police Campus alone has recovered Rs. 17 people have been arrested.

The amount recovered by the police from different parts of the country is the amount filed in the Asset Laundering Investigation Department. According to the data provided by the police, 58.285 million 679 in FY 074/75, 108.62 million 994 in FY 075/76, 576.59 thousand 910 in FY 076/77 and 636 in FY 077/76. A total of Rs. 35,760 crore and Rs.

Where does the recovered money come from?

According to the investigating officer of the Asset Laundering Investigation Department, such money has been earned from a single crime, illegal act but has been legalized by investing in various places. The money earned in this way is made legal through money laundering. He has not committed any other crime but even if the source of money cannot be disclosed, such amount is recovered. Our law makes it mandatory for everyone to disclose the source of their assets.

According to the research officer of the Asset Laundering Investigation Department, even in a country like ours where India has an open border, it is not possible to reveal the source of wealth even while doing business on the border. Nepali money is traded in the Indian market at the border. Similarly, Indian money is traded in the Nepali market. Even when the money is brought back to their own country, most of the resources do not seem to be open. Such amount goes to the customs.

Where does the recovered money go?

The undisclosed source recovered by the police is deposited in the bail account of the Government of Nepal. If there is any amount of revenue fraud and money laundering, it goes to the Revenue Investigation Department. If the amount recovered at the crush border goes to the customs. If such undisclosed funds are found, the property will be laundered.

According to the investigating officer, the Asset Laundering Investigation Department is looking for the source of the money against the person arrested by the police. The amount is refunded if it appears to be legal. The department will take the case to court only if the recovered amount is found to be illegal. Evidence gathering is also the responsibility of the department. Thus recovered