Chhath Puja is -a four day long and profound fasting Parva of Hindu devotees. Chhath Puja story reveals the importance of worshipping Lord Surya and Chhath Mata (sister of Surya) on this festival. It is a unique festival of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and a few regions of Nepal.

Through this festival, people thank Sun God -the source of light, energy and life. Devotees who observe Vrat for the Chhath Puja are known as Vrati. Let’s see the Story behind the Puja and its importance in brief.

Why We Worship Lord Surya On This Day?

Our culture links story around every festival. And every Story shares wisdom or some kind of life messages to understand and celebrate. Chhath is the only Hindu festival which is dedicated to God Surya.

The history behind the Chhath celebration is fascinating. According to our sages, in Vedic Era, they used to fast and gaze Lord Surya at the Sunrise and sunset times on the day of Chhath. It helped them to enhance their spiritual power.

Another interesting story revolving around Chhath Puja is of Pandava and Draupadi. According to our scriptures, they observed the fast of Chhath and worshipped Lord Surya to solve all their troubles. And finally, Pandava regains their power and Kingdom.

Interestingly, this festival was started by Surya Putra Karan. Let’s know on which dates you can celebrate it and how?

Chhath Puja Dates 2023

We celebrate Chhath twice a year in Summer and on winters. During winter (October-November), we celebrate Karthik Chhath. The Chhath which comes in Summer is known as Chaiti Chhath.

Date Day Event Hindi Tithi
17 November, 2023 Friday Nahay Khay Chaturthi
18 November, 2023 Saturday Lohanda and Kharna Panchami
19 November, 2023 Sunday Sandhya Arghya (Chhath) Shashthi
20 November, 2023 Monday Usha Arghya, Parana Day Saptami

Chhath Puja Festival Celebration

Chhath Puja demands the highest level of faith and dedication as it is the hardest four days long Hindu fast. Devotees need to fast for 36 hours without even sipping water!

However, Vrati, observe these days with faith and dedication towards Chhath Mata -also known as Goddess Usha. There are certain rituals attached to this festival. After and during fasting, people enjoy delicious prasad known as Thekua.

People eat a traditional prasad made by rice, wheat, dry fruits and nuts. Jaggery and lots of Ghee are must for the Thekua. This wheat floor sweet cookie is delicious and energetic. It is an integral part of Chhath festival celebration. 

Puja Vidhi of Chhath Puja

Devotees observe 36 hours long fast during this festival. There are various rituals attached to it. Let’s see each of them.

Nahay Khay

It is the first day of the festival. By this day devotee start his Puja vidhi. Vrati must take a dip in holy water to purify his body. Then he should cook a meal. Generally, people eat Chana Dal and Kaddu Bhaat on this day.

Other things which one should take care of are-The food must be cooked by the earthen pot or bronze utensils. One should prepare a mud stove for this festival. Devotee needs to cook all his meals on this handmade stove and use the mango woods.

Lohanda And Kharna

On this second day of Vrat, the Devotee should observe fast for the entire day. One should make a prasad of Kheer to break his fast after the Sunset.

After this meal, Vrati must make up his mind not to eat or drink water for the next 36 hours.

Sandhya Arghya And Usha Arghya

The third and fourth day is observed by strict fasting and absolute devotion towards Lord Surya.

  • On the third day after preparing prasad, Devotee should go to the riverbank. All his family members and relatives join him in his Puja.
  • Female should wear Turmeric yellow saree.
  • At the time of Sunset, the Devotee makes offerings to the Sun. On the riverbank, he worships Lord Surya, and other people cheer him up by singing traditional folk songs.
  • On the fourth day, Devotee must go to the riverbank early in the morning. Before Sunrise he must make his offerings and Puja to the Chhath Mata and Lord Surya. With this, he ends his 36-hours long fast and prepares prasad.
  • All his relatives, friends and other devotees visit his house to share prasad, and people pray to Lord Surya for health and happiness.

Embrace Your Spiritual Side With This Puja

Chhath Puja has religious as well as scientific importance. Gazing Sun at the times of Sunrise and Sunsets is very healthy for the body. Soaking rays of Sun at this time helps rejuvenate your cells.

Another reason to celebrate this festival is to open the spiritual dimension in oneself. Right from the beginning, our culture promotes spiritual journey along with the worldly entertainment.

In addition to it, Chhath Puja gives a chance to worship Surya Deva-the highest source of energy and seek his blessings for a more positive and vibrant life.

May Chhath Mata and Surya Deva shower you with health, wisdom and happiness. May this Chattha Puja of 2023 can rejuvenate your mind, body and soul!